Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big Ang (Mob Wives) before and after plastic surgery photos: What procedures has she had done?

Big Ang
VH1′s mafia-themed reality series Mob Wives won fans over in its inaugural season with a cast of no-holds-barred drama mamas who were more than capable of both talking the talk and walking the walk! (And by “walking the walk” I mean going tooth and nail in knock-down, drag-out cat fights.) But it only took a couple episodes into the second season for Angela “Big Ang” Raiola to steal the show with her life-loving and drama-averse personality! Oh, and her obvious love of plasticsurgery!
Mob Mives Big Ang plastic surgery before and after photos
And just like pretty much anything else, her plastic surgery is not an off limits topic of conversation for Big Ang, who talks openly about her love of it just as she does about her love of wiseguys and all that they provide. The gals were chatting about Renee Graziano’s nightmarish cosmetic surgery when Big Ang revealed a laundry list of procedures she has undergone as well as some more she’s still looking forward to.
“I’ve had three implants done: tummy tuck, lipo, and my lips injected, but it’s DEFINITELY not enough . . . I definitely, definitely, definitely want a face lift. I’m not gonna have this wrinkly sh!t.”
That’s pretty much Big Ang in a nutshell right there! With the addition of her Herman Munster laugh and the whole being a convicted felon and former cocaine dealer thing of course.
In further evidence of Big Ang being a good sport she provided the VH1 blog with a series of pictures of herself “through the years” – most of which show what Big Ang looked like before plastic surgery!
Want to see more of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola? (You know you do!) Then tune in toMob Wives on VH1 Sunday nights at 8/7c!

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